Questions & Answers


How do I book?

Via the contact form at the end of the page. Let us know your desired arrival and departure date, whether you are planning to come alone, as a couple or as a group, your catering and excursion requests as well as everything else we should know. We will get back to you as soon as possible, as we do not have internet at the house.

What is being eaten?

We not only want to introduce you to the country and its people, but also to the traditional cuisine.Therefore, we mainly (but not exclusively) offer regional and seasonal dishes. It is important that you let us know in advance whether you want two or three meals a day and whether you dislike certain products. Self-catering is not possible with us.

Intolerances and alternative diets
If you are a vegetarian, it is important that you inform us in advance. We can offer meat or fishless alternatives with all meals without any problem. With a vegan diet, it will be difficult, due to the limited offer - but we are trying to find a solution here, too.

In case you have any intolerances (e.g. gluten or lactose), we are unfortunately unable to offer a balanced and varied diet, due to the local conditions and the offer.

What do I bring with me?

Due to the sometimes changeable climate, it's important to always be prepared for everything and to be well equipped. Warm, robust, practical and rainproof clothing and sturdy shoes should always be in your luggage. You'd rather leave the chic, white blouse and strappy sandals at home.

In addition, a flashlight and spare batteries should not be missing in your luggage, as well as insect repellent. If you can't be without your cell phone, you should take enough power banks or alternatives with you. We have no electricity at the house. Your hair dryer, electric toothbrush and electric shaver will therefore not be of ony use.

Since we walk the last 400 m to the house by foot, via a rocky mountain path, you should definitely pack your things in a backpack. Rolling luggage or carry-on luggage will make your journey and especially the descent and ascent unnecessarily difficult.

Towels and bedsheets

Towels and bedsheets are included in the price. Your towels will be changed daily, if you wish. However, we appeal to your environmental awareness and are happy if you use the towels more often.

What about hikes and excursions?

We offer various day trips for our active guests. You will find a selection right below. Day trips can only be booked on site, as they depend on the weather.

If you would like to hike on your own, you could for example climb the summit of our local mountain, which is located at 1670 m hight and offers a great panoramic view. Since there are no designated hiking trails in our area, we recommend tours on your own only to nature lovers with a good sense of direction. If you are unsure, we will of course be happy to accompany you.

Do I have my own bathroom?

No. Due to the structural conditions, we cannot offer a private bathroom for each of the three guest rooms. The bath house is located only a few meters from the main house and is available for all guests. Here we ask everyone for a thoughtful cooperation. That there are no conflicts, there is another small bathroom on the lower floor of the main house with a toilet, urinal, sink and bathtub. This means that a maximum of six guests share two bathrooms.

The wood-fired hot tub in the bathhouse offers space for all six guests and is heated for you on request and in consultation with the other guests.

How do I get to you?

There are two ways to get to us - self-arrival or transfer.

If you arrive by yourself, we will arrange an arrival time with you, at which we will meet in Bosansko Grahovo, that is 12 km away from the house. There, you park your car or your motorcycles, we load your things into our jeep and drive together to the house, where we walk the last 400 m by foot over a small, rocky path.

If you arrive by plane or train, your destination is Split, Zadar, Sibenik or Knin. We will pick you up there and cross the Croatian-Bosnian border with you, from which we drive a little less than 10 km to our house. The transfer costs will be clarified when booking.

What does Bujadljivice mean?

Bujadljivice means "where the fern grows". That name was given to the place around our house a long time ago by the previous residents. Even now you can find beautiful, large ferns in the shady areas.

The most important at a glance

How is your holiday gonna be? What do you have to bring with you? All the answers can be found here.

Day trips

All our day trips can be booked on site, at short notice, depending on the weather and the number of guests.



Ruin & view

The place Preodac has always been called the "most beautiful place in Bosnia" and is known for its breathtaking view and the ruin, which dates back to the Ottoman period. A traditional lunch will be prepared for you on site.

Travel time: 2 hrs

What about wild animals?

We are in the middle of untouched nature. There are all sorts of wild animals, but they are usually very shy. In the evening you can hear deers roaring, or wild boars running through the underwood. There are also wolves and bears in the Bosnian wilderness - but don't worry, we haven't seen any large animals apart from badgers, foxes and deers, in the past ten years. Nature lovers will enjoy eagles that circle in the sky, dormouses and owls in the tree tops at night, and glittering scarab beetles. There are spiders, small scorpions and in very rare cases you can spot a snake. The most venomous one in the area is the horned viper – we haven't seen a single one over the years. But if you're really scared of this, you should carefully think of whether this is the right holiday destination for you.

Can I take my dog with me?

Due to the wild animals (please note the paragraph above) your dog may be overwhelmed with the impressions and the noises and will not be able to enjoy his/your vacation with us. Therefore, and out of consideration for the other guests, we have to ask you to leave your fur baby at home.

At what age can we take our children with us?

Our guest house is located in the middle of nature. For this reason, we cannot offer you the security standards common in Western Europe. We also deliberately do not want this to the extent that it would be detrimental to this place if, for example, if the wonderful view from our platform was impaired by a railing. You can therefore bring your children with you from the age of 18.

What to do at the house?

Our place is primarily to find rest and relaxation, away from stress, electrosmog and overstimulation. Whether you read the long-planned book in the hammock, or just enjoy the view, is of course up to you. It is important that you are considerate of the other guests with your activities. Therefore, you should for example only enjoy music through your headphones and avoid other electronic noises.

How is the climate?

As we are located close to the Croatian coast, we have a Mediterranean atmosphere in the summer months and sometimes over 30 degrees during the day. On such days, the steadily blowing Bora ensures a pleasant climate. However, it should not be forgotten that we are at an altitude of 1000 m and that sometimes the nights can be quite chilly, even in the summer months. In addition, the weather in the mountains can change within minutes. During thunderstorms it's not only raining buckets, it thunders, flashes and can also hail at the end of summer.

House rules & living together - that's what we are wishing for.

Our accommodation offers space for six people in three double rooms. We created this place to give others an unforgettable time. We look forward to meeting new people and hope that our guests are as open and considerate as we are, when meeting new people.