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Bujadljivice Mountain Lodge

No electricity, no internet, no mobile reception - just untouched nature!

The Bujadljivice Mountain Lodge is a small guest house in the Bosnian mountains with three simple and cozy guest rooms. We have no electricity, we cook with fire and gas and we light with candles and solar energy. Mountain spring water in best drinking quality flows in our pipes and fills our wood-fired bath stoves.


Our house is located at an altitude of almost 1000 m, in the middle of untouched nature and far from internet and cell phone reception. We are 12 km away from the nearest town Bosansko Grahovo, therefrom almost 3 km are on a bumpy country road. We walk the last 400 m on foot along a narrow, rocky path. But the unforgettable view that awaits you at the house is worth the effort!


It was built with natural stones between 1951 and 1953 and has been completely renovated piece by piece since 2010. The three guest rooms are on the upper floor. On the lower floor there is a small kitchen and the small bathroom.


Pictures say more than words

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